Friday, 19 May 2017

Man in viral money spraying video is allegedly an armed robber and has been killed (photos + video)

Few months ago, a video of a Nigerian man spraying dollars indiscriminately at a function went viral. The man pictured above appeared in the viral video. He was seen wearing a gold chain emblazoned ‘AKU’ as he trotted past the man who was at the centre of attention at the event. A facebook user, Efosa Gabriel Ero , has now shared a video of two armed robbers shot, chained and surrounded by mob after they were caught stealing. He claims one of the robbers who is now dead was AKU. See videos below;


  1. I am no onger surprised at what these celebrities can do for the sake of fame. Howeer, like everything else on Instagram, this fame would be shortlived.

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