Monday, 26 December 2016

Photos: Over 3,000 persons return to Damasak in Borno State following clearance of boko haram in Sambisa forest

Following the clearance of Boko Haram terrorists stronghold in Sambisa forest, over 3,000 refugees and internally displaced persons have returned to Damasak town, Mobbar Local Government Area of Borno State today, December 26. The returnees were received by a combined team of Local Government Officials, traditional rulers, village elders, and religious leaders. Similarly, the Military, Civilian JTF and Vigilantes screened the returnees. Another pic below;


  1. Now that is really good news, finally people will have peace and can live happily in their city. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful news with us

  2. For me all such gatherings look like urban night feast and I try to avoid them. It's not safe and I'm scared a lot when so many people are around me.