Monday, 26 December 2016

Kylie Jenner goes topless in steamy short film with boyfriend Tyga

Holiday cheer: Kylie Jenner, 19, shared a steamy video with boyfriend Tyga that director Sasha Samsonova called her 'little surprise gift to the world' 

Lol, she’s really getting there. That is, if there’s no sex tape yet. Kylie Jenner has just released a steamy short film she short with her boyfriend Tyga. The 19-year-old who left little to the imagination can be seen naked wriggling her body to a background music as she presses her body to boyfriend Tyga. She later hopped into the shower with Tyga. The video was shot back in November in LA by photographer Sasha Samsonova. More photos and video below;

 Faking it: The clip begins with Jenner taking a drag of a cigarette - the star doesn't really smoke

Shower scene: Tyga is shirtless while Kylie is wrapped in a towel 

Having trouble: The reality star was barely able to shield her modesty with her arms pressed against her breasts

Show a little skin: Kylie then lifts her shirt up, exposing her hip to show off her red tattoo

Show off those nails! The lip kit designer's silver chrome acrylics can be seen glimmering in the low light as she and Tyga run their hands over her body simultaneously

Mood music: The steamy scene continued as droplets of water soaked the curvy starlet and a soundtrack by artist Niia played in the background

Opinionated: Samsonova went on to reveal that Kylie played a role in the creative direction of not only this collaboration, but the other photo shoots the duo work on together as well


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