Friday, 4 November 2016

Woman miraculously survives after her husband brutally attacks her, broke her bones and left her for dead in Lagos (photos)

Ivie Edobor is gradually recovering after she was brutally attacked by her husband and left for dead in one of the worst domestic violence story in Lagos. The mother of three have been separated from her husband for 2-years due to domestic violence and extreme abuse. But 4-months ago,  her estranged husband  stormed her home and allegedly descended on her  with a rod breaking her bones including her femur. He left her when he felt she was dead but miraculously Ivie survived. Her husband was arrested and charged to court while Ivie was rushed to the hospital.  Her husband was charged with assault instead of attempted murder.

The court case will be coming up on November 10th  at the Surulere magistrate court. According to her counsel, “The man is still menacing her and threatening her. She shared with me some of the text messages the man has continued to send her. Those messages remind of what my kindergarten teacher told us about hell being the darkest, meanest place ever. The man's mind is the real pit of hell. He threatens her even in her present state of incapacitation. He mocks her. He ridicules her and promises to finish the job he left half-way." See photos of her broken legs after the attack below; 

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