Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I’m confident that with my constant appeal of your hijacked future, you’ll be more vocal about your predicamentt- Charly Boy

Charly Boy has expressed optimism that with his constant prodding and admonishing of the Nigerian youths, they will be conscious of their predicament. He also avowed that he will never give up on the Nigerian youths. Below is his thoughts as he shared on his IG page;

No matter my disappointment from time to time with the youths of this great country, I will Never quit on you guys no matter how juvenile you all make out to be. Regardless if my intentions are some times misconstrued, I will always stand firm, because I no send. I am confident that with my constant appeal for standing up in defence of your hijacked future you can begin to be emboldened to be more vocal about your predicament. As a fada I will never be too far from you. This is a fight we cannot loose, and we cannot fail. All obstacle placed in our way to derail this movement will Never succeed in Jesus mighty name. The Nigerian youths sooner than later will retrieve their stolen future. I believe in the exceptional youths and I believe in Nigeria. It shall and must be well again with us, God punish bad people.

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