Saturday, 19 November 2016

Update: Man killed by Police for fighting in Surulere is said to be a miscreant terrorizing residence in that area

I told you earlier that a young man  Mr Nurudeen Aliyu who was allegedly killed by police at Aborishade, Lawanson in Surulere (read here). Well, here’s an update. According to a DDB resident in the area, the said young man was a member of a gang of miscreants terrorizing residence in that area. Few days ago the deceased  went to eat at a particular buka on aborishade street. When asked to pay he threatened the food seller and left without paying and promising her to return to deal with her.

After a short while, he returned to make good his promise, while he was raising 'hell', a police patrol team stumbled on the situation, coupled with identifying him as someone being wanted over an incident where he stabbed three persons months ago and evading arrest then, they promptly arrested him.

He was handed over to SARS who were interested in his case, because there has being a buildup of criminals in that vicinity and they use the disused refused dump in Idiaraba known as 'bowler as their stronghold.

‘I have being attending the monthly police/community meeting at Itire police station as a community leader, and the police has being on a running battle with this miscreants and cultists, as it is the presence of his likes have made that area a hotspot for robberies , rape , etc. I was informed that he died in the custody of SARS where he displayed his hotheadedness, and he tried to escape from their custody and was shot in the leg which led to his death,’ the DDB eyewitness said. 
On Thursday when news of his death filtered in, his gang led by a female teenager, rose up and caused a mayhem in the area by first moving to the house of the CDA Chairman and destroyed it with missiles of bottles and stone. From there they moved to the palace of the 'Bale' and did the same thing and almost beat up the ruler. They also smashed windscreen of cars in the area.

The police reinforcement had to be brought from Mushin and Ikeja to quell the uprising, and the police moved into their Idiaraba stronghold uprooting and burning all their shanties. 

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