Monday, 21 November 2016

Niger Delta pirates 'Black Devils' opens up on why they kidnap expatriates (video)

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Niger Delta pirates known as Black Devils opens up on why they chose the life of being a kidnapper. The leader of the gang who gave his name as  Black Devil alias Aku Omega 5, says they don’t go for Indians and Filipino’s as they are very cheap. He says they prefer American’s and French as they pay upto N50million. He also explain why they chose the life of kidnapping and what they do with the money. 

“We use the money to buy ammunition, speedboats and the rest to take care of our families. Because we don’t have job that is why we are doing this dirty job. You come to exploit here and you don’t want to employ we. That is the major reason why we are doing this. You don’t want to employ us and you are exploiting from us. Anybody, any expartraite company are coming to operate here. If you don’t settle with us, you won’t operate. I swear to God the Black Devils are always in standby,’ he said. 

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