Sunday, 20 November 2016

Man dies of starvation in Congo town, Liberia (photos)

The man pictured above allegedly died of poverty in Congo town, Liberia. A facebook user from Liberia who shared the heartbreaking photos said he witnessed the shocking incident Sunday afternoon at a nearby filling station. He wrote;

What I witnessed today has to be the saddest thing I have ever seen, in my entire life. In afternoon today, as I was getting out of my jeep to buy gasoline at a nearby filing station, I saw 3 gentlemen trying to feed an emaciated elderly man laying on floor. I came close to see what was happening. The 3 guys were giving the man laying down tea 'chai' they bought from a tea woman in the next shop.
I asked what was the problem, one of the guys told me the man had collapsed in front of their office and was complaining of hunger, so they decided to take him to restaurant to buy him food but as they walk him to a restaurant he again collapsed and they had to buy him tea.
As they were trying to make him take tea people gathered around and suggested he be bought milk instead. So one of the guys rushed to market to buy milk and juice for the starving man. People were asking his name and where he came from or if he had relatives around to be informed. He couldn't utter a word. Before the man could come back I saw the starving man breathe his last. The man sent to get milk immediately got back but he was already gone, DEAD!
More people gathered around him and I was still standing there confused."

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