Saturday, 26 November 2016

Int’l model Ify Jones slam Nigerians for ‘skinny’ shaming her

Nigeria New York based model Ify Jones, has called out Nigerians for body shaming. Ms. Jones however advised her critics that rather than be concerned about her skinny self, they should instead be thinking of what they will look like in the next 20 years.  Read her post below;

I just want to tell my fellow Nigerians that are obsessed with skinny shaming me that y'll fat asses can never make my hot ass feel bad about my weight cause my body is a blessing and it's really how every females body should be. So instead of constantly antagonizing my sexy skinny self, worry about how your fat asses is going to look in 20years and calling your selves curvy instead of fat🙂#saynotofatshaming #saynotoskinnyshaming #oops #ProudlySize2&0
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