Sunday, 13 November 2016

I don’t know what my Son did to deserve such ill fake rumour – Mother of Kogi Gov. Yahaya Bello on Son’s rumoured disappearance

Few days ago, different rumour trailed the Governor of Kogi state Yahaya Bello, one of such was that he was missing. However, the Governor arrived Nigeria after a successful eye surgery in Germany. His mother was one of the persons who was most shocked by the different rumours that trailed his absence. Speaking about the shocking rumour, the mother said she was shocked as she spoke with her son on phone while he was away and she is surprised why people should carry such fake rumour about him.

“While I keep receiving different information about my son, I quickly called his line "#Adoza" and he replied yes mother, I still asked, who's on the phone? My son replied it's me "#Adoza" I couldn't sleep, I kept praying having a sleepless night.
Could I be deceived by this so call (Oyibo phone)? But the voice I heard was my son's voice. I asked myself, what has my son done to deserve this ill fake rumor? I spread my hands to Almighty Allah I served day and night that not in my presence will I receive such bad news from any of my children not to talk of an innocent boy who never have a feeling of his dad when Almighty Allah called my husband at their tender age.
He was the last born, seeing him remind me of his late father that my husband is still very much alive, he console me, and he is my strength for years after the demise of their father, that's why I called him "#Adoza".
He is my son, my husband and my pride. I pray to Almighty Allah whom I served day and night to bless and protect him for me. No evil eyes shall see nor against my son because Almighty Allah said that he's the protector of the orphans which my son is one. You shall live to see your Great Grand-Children, that is my prayer for you "#Adoza". Rise and continue rising "#Adoza," she said.

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