Saturday, 5 November 2016

Blac Chyna’s mum to sue Wendy Williams $1m for defamation

Blac Chyna’s mum and soon-to-be mother-in-law of the Kardashian’s Tokyo Toni has threatened to sue TV host Wendy Williams for defamation of character. Tokyo claims that Wendy has been presenting her in negative light and it’s depleting her dollars. She also claims that she had to go to the hospital as a result of the anxiety she is suffering from the constant lies said about her by Wendy on her show.   Tokyo has also threatened to sue Wendy for $1million if she does not stop defaming her. She wrote via social media;

"Close your eyes to ignorance & Gain knowledge!!@wendyshow I am headed to hospital due to you!! My anxiety is popping off!! To hear people say you are talking about me daily in a negative light has finally taken a toll on me!! I will send you the bill!!! @wendyshow ! Everyday you speak my name in a totally wrong way! To say" These untrue things and have a platform!! Imma show you how the game really goes!! You have stopped my businesses due to DEFAMATION and Harassment daily! $ my money is depleting due to me not being able to go into the public.. with harassment!! You have fans that has began to create a lane to hurt me on social media and in my businesses " I have a new business called " Celebrity Uber"and I can't make money due to your ignorance to the public!!! Stop saying my name in a negative light!! I am going to do an ass in the paper to ask you to stop as well! If u say my name again it will be filed!!
🤕#I am SUING YOU!! @wendyshow for total defamation of my character!! I am not dealing with it another day!!! You get views to defame me!! Oh no no no!! @wendyshow Hey do me a favor Wendy ? You are giving me anxiety and depression!! Stop saying my name in a bad light okay!! Stop talking my name in a defaming way or I will sue you! It's called DEFAMATION of character! In which is in motion !! 1Million dollars!!! Stop playing with me Wendy Hunter! You are damaging my finances severely right now by speaking down on my name! I deal with public! If you say my name again and it stops my money " I will have to sue you ! I am feeling damaged by your words to millions of people and it is affecting my social crowd.@wendyshow  are a talk show host and it's not your duty to belittle a person who isn't on the fame circuits! I am an average hard working woman in which you have severely damaged me! I am unable to go out of the door with ridicule due to your words to millions of people. @wendyshow have made my life a living hell. So one more word from you I will be suing! Look in the mail for your " Letter" in the mail! I will also post the cease and desist letter!! " I am going to seek damages! You have taken my spirit down and you do it everyday! Stop SAYING THINGS ABOUT YOU THAT YOU DONT KNOW!!!! I will have my lawyer contact yours! You won't keep disrespecting me and thinking your going to get away with it! Bitch I work for a living!! Nobody don't pay my damn bills or give to the homeless as celebrity's!!@wendyshow  get off my level and stay on yours and out my FUCKING WAY ! You are ruining my life with your words 2 times a week to millions of people! You are causing problems within my " Immediate family" - I am being tortured by you speaking my name daily!! " WHERE MY CHECK" stop saying my name man' I am a good person andcto keep your show pumping you gotta speak my name??? Stop it today!! I don't need your Promotions on negative waves and vibes!! Bad publicity isn't my idea of helping but totally hurting! You Say " How you doing"? Fine after I get my check from you" Stop CALLING MY NAME!!😢
See when you rich and have $ you don't care if people doff you out or your name!! Bitch I am climbing!! So Imma climb on your head and pocketbook in COURT!! I will be in NEW YORK on Monday !!! I am suing you@wendyshow!! You fucking my money up- and giving me physical health problems " Anxiety and depression! Harrassment etc!! It's hendering my job etc!! My money is being stopped due to my health! I have to be in the state you are in so New York it is! Yes I am suing you and your show of defamation of my character!!! I have asked you to stop it and you haven't!! Okay cool!! " Get your lawyers together! Here I come " so help me God on my dead mother!!!!!!!! New York court Monday Morning!!!!@wendyshow to reach me 240-270-1664!!! #Sistas#blackonblackhate#fakesistasnotreal #Icantfocus"

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