Sunday, 16 October 2016

Twin boys conjoined at the head are separated after 20-hour operation

A pair of twins conjoined at the head have been successfully separated after a 20-hour operation. Anias and Jadon McDonald, 13 months old, are recovering in the Bronx's Montefiore Hospital after their life-threatening operation on Thursday.  According to their surgeon - Dr James Goodrich - it is incredible they made it this far.
Half way through the operation, the veteran neurosurgeon considered stopping the procedure altogether when they discovered the boys shared far more brain tissue than they had expected - even despite using 3D imaging to prepare. 

With every cut, Anias' heart rate and blood pressure plummeted. Eventually he found an opening and continued, successfully separating the two. However, it means that while Jadon was wheeled out at 7am into the ward, Anias was still in surgery late on Friday morning.He was finally returned to his family at 1pm on Friday. Doctors warned he could face severe physical issues.

Their parents Nicole and Christian, from near Chicago, Illinois, sat in the waiting room the whole time. 
Nicole, 31, took to Facebook on Friday to explain all the details to the thousands of people that have followed the family's story. 

Anias was still in surgery late on Friday morning since he was more affected by the separation of their brain tissue. He eventually came out the operating room at 1pm on Friday

Extraordinary: Anias and Jadon McDonald underwent surgery to be separated. Surgeons placed expanding tissues in their heads months before to stretch the skin so there would be enough for them to stitch each on back up individually afterwards

Long wait: Their parents Nicole and Christian (pictured in white) stand in the ward with the surgeons as the boys get ready for their 20-hour surgery on Thursday in Montefiore Hospital

Happy: Nicole, 31, and 37-year-old Christian, insisted the boys were perfect as they were

Their twins were born via cesarean section last September

They are pictured here waiting for surgery with their brother Aza

Based on national statistics, it is astonishing they have made it to 13 months. Around 40 per cent of craniopagus twins are stillborn. Of those that survive, a third die within 24 hours

They will spend 72 hours in intensive care, then months in a rehab center

The couple, who live near Chicago, already have a three-year-old son, Aza

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