Sunday, 16 October 2016

Restaurateur claims policeman hit her across the face for asking him to pay for his food, shares his photo

A restaurateur who is based in Abuja, has claimed that a ppolice officer struck her on the face because she asked him to pay for what she bought at her restaurant. Read what Dooshima Akada shared wrote below;

This policeman Benjamin Agbamo owes me N10,000 from last year, he has refused to pay and picks a fight with me each time I ask for it.I decided to leave it alone at let him pay at his own pace but he has refused. 2 weeks ago I was out of town this same policeman came in my absence and incurred another debt of N4900, I called him about it and as usual he was nonchalant about it,there was nothing I could do so I kept quiet and decided to wait till see him.
He came on Wednesday 12th October and I told him we would only serve him if he paid upfront he refused and left.
He came back yesterday paid N2000 out of the N3900 he owes, ordered for drinks for some customers I told him no he would have to pay upfront but he begged and promised that he would pay so I accepted and served the people he ordered drinks for. 
The customers had their drinks and left. He remained behind.
Time to pay then he began to argue, we argued back and forth about the bill.
Next moment he walks up to me and strikes me smack in the face.
I have the number for a patrol team in garki I called them they came but couldn't stop him so they asked that I leave the premises and go home and even offered to drop me off as it was late and advised that I go and lay a formal complaint today.

I just returned from garki police station where I went to report formally, they asked that I write to the police commissioner as the said man does not work there.
I'll put that in writing on Monday morning and do like they instructed.
I thought I should complain here as well.

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