Saturday, 1 October 2016

One day you'll wrap your arms around me & say; 'Son, I'm sorry, welcome home' – Bisi Alimi's Independence message to Nigeria

Nigeria’s London based LGBT advocate, Bisi Alimi has penned an emotional tribute to celebrate Nigeria as it turns 56 today. Bisi who will be getting married to his partner in few months’ time says he hopes for a day when one day he and other gay Nigerians will be accepted. Read what he wrote below;

As I look down in pains. The pains of strained relationship between the child and the mother that birth him.
My heart breaks as the woman who moan in pain faults the fruits of her labour.
But love is great. Nigeria, I love you. I know you do.
Like in this picture, one day you will wrap your arms around me and say; 'son, I am sorry, welcome home'
It won't be alone, it will be for every misunderstood Nigerian on the fringe of the societies.
The ones everyone thinks is mad, crazy, evil, possessed.
It will be the feminist, the disable, the girl child, the liberals, the secularist, the non believers, the believers, the LGBT.
It will be all of us, singing 'sweet home, sweet chariot'
Happy Independence Day, Nigeria

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