Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Man who grew up selling plantain with his mother compares himself with former plantain seller Timaya (photos)

Read the story as shared by journalist Ubong Sampson; 

When I hear Timaya singing about his plantain selling days... I just wonder how much plantain he sold– Man shares his amazing plantain days story
You see this boy... I am a product of proceeds derived from plantain and cassava trade (not fufu, but raw cassava that produces fufu).

After work today, I called mum and she said she was selling at the market, so I decided to go visit her. And getting there, I met her with a few bunches of plantain left. Obviously, she had sold out the lot.
As I watched the market scene, childhood memories fell back in my mind and I recalled how myself and my elder brother, Otobong Sampson used to hawk plantain, garri, and all kinds of food stuff which mum traded on... the good and lucky days when you will step out and return shortly after, with everything sold out; and the bad days when mum will insist on a price that prospective customers won't find favourable and you will have to go through extra stress to sell (and in some cases, still won't sell everything). But that was never a condition for eating food though.
So this plantain and cassava trade saw four children through school without any dropping out or suspending studies even for a semester on financial grounds... then sombori wee come and go and be saying that the God of 5 loaves and 2 fishes is not alive.
All that is in the past and all the glory returns to God. So you see, when next you see Timaya and he tells you that he's still "that plantain boy"... please ask him if he has ever been "KPIM of Plantain"... because before I became Kpim of Media and everything glorifying today, I was once KPIM OF PLANTAIN.
Okay o. The good thing is that this visit has given me two bunches of plantain as souvenir... so if you have a mother like mine, take a short pause and send a shout out to her.

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