Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Lagos lawyer requests to be locked up in prison to examplify the biased judicial system of Nigeria (photo)

Lagos lawyer and Principal Solicitor at Chux Okonkwo & Co, Chux Gilbert Okonkwo, shared the above photo of himself locked up in a cell at the newly commissioned Nimo Police Station, to explain the biased judicial system of Nigeria citing example of the recent sweep on Nigerian judges and the outcry from their supporters.  Mr. Chux lampooned the judges whom he accused of readily sending innocent citizens to the quod but are crying foul for staying behind bars for less than 24 hours. Read what he wrote below;  


Chux Okonkwo is SUSPECTED of having committed murder. He is arraigned before a court and is remanded IN PRISON CUSTODY. He spends 9 years in prison custody. In the 9th year, someone secretly sends a video recording of what happened to the prosecutor. He comes to court and tells the judges that Chux did not commit the offence after all. Meanwhile, Chux has spent 9 years in prison custody for an offence HE DID NOT COMMIT. He is released to go home. His life is dislocated. His career is destroyed. Nobody is bothered.

The judge who remanded Chux in prison custody for 9 years is SUSPECTED of having compromised his position was Chux's classmate. His house is invaded. He calls the State Governor who wakes up by 2am to ensure that the judges is not arrested. News of what happened to the judge goes viral. Nigerians at home and abroad protest that it is absurd. Really? Meanwhile the judge is allowed to go home after less than 24 hours of questioning.

And he is the same judge who sends scores of ordinary suspects every other week to languish for years in prison and gets a National Honours award for his "works". And the Nigerian Bar Association is telling me about "Justice" and "due process". Rubbish!

(Picture shows Chux testing the cell at the newly commissioned Nimo Police Station; I requested to be locked up while the place was under reconstruction to know what it really feels like).

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