Monday, 17 October 2016

Hoodlums vandalizes home, properties of suspected Shi'ites member in Kaduna (photos)

Suspected hoodlums allegedly stormed the residence of Usman Umar who is suspected to be a member of the banned Shi’ites member in Kaduna state vandalizing his house and destroying properties including his cars. The suspects are believed to be his neighbours who the victim allegedly renders assistance to. Read the emotional post as shared by Bala;  

Please my brothers read it carefully and used as your case study.. We need peace and we always agitating for peace let us give a peace chance in our community, state and Nigeria at large.
I received a lot of insults and threats because of my stand on recent brutality by civilians against Shi'ites in Kaduna, Kano, Katsina and Jos. I care not about what you said, are saying or might say. I know myself and strongly believe in that.

Okay! Now let's look at this.............
The pictures here are of Usman Umar's residence located in Kinkinau Kaduna vandalized by some CIVILIANS just because they 'suspect' he is Shi'ite. Even if this man is Shi'ite, he was not found violating any rule of ban on procession by the state government.

This person is solid waste management expert who owns a waste collection company where he employed over 200 youths (both Muslim and Christian). He is the Secretary of Kaduna State Solid Waste Management Contractors.
This disgusting act was done mostly by those living with him, his neighbours and those he is constantly helping. They did not only vandalize the house but also injured his wife and children. They, in addition, took away a lot of his personal belongings ranging from electronics, foodstuffs, clothes and lots more.

This man is trusted by many and majority tag him to be very decent and respected fellow.
This is what I fear. Now, anyone can be tagged Shi'ite and attacked by those who have grudges against him/her.
Here we are!

Becoming lawless society.
Where Government failed to discharge their first and most important responsibility; which is "Provision of security of lives and properties of its citizens."
Where security personnel support civilian fighting/killing their fellow civilians.
Where Civiliansare shielded to commit crime against each other by the authorities.
To be just to all, I call on the State Government to, as a matter of urgency, single out the perpetrators and punish them severely and accordingly.
Government should also compensate Mr. Usman Nura by renovating his house and replacing all valuables vandalized by those rascals.
I am honestly afraid of what this might lead us to if not attacked at this early stage.
May God deliver us!!!!!

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