Monday, 17 October 2016

Benue State Governor, Ortom denies claim his security aide assaulted lady at RCCG Markurdi (photos)

A young lady was allegedly assaulted by the security aide of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state at the Mercy Land Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Makurdi on Sunday. Blessing Idoko pictured above allegedly accosted the Governor during church service on Sunday and spoke to him about suffering in the state. The Governor who was shocked by the girl’s effrontery ordered his security aides to take the girl out of his presence. The security men allegedly assaulted the lady who can be seen with scratches on her hand.

Chief Press Secretary to Gov. Ortom, Terver Akase has debunked the report. Arkase claims that the girl in question has mental instability. Read his statement below;

"This is another desperate but failed attempt to tarnish the good image of Governor Samuel Ortom. I saw the facebook post and went outside the church to investigate and I discovered that the incident did not take place in the entire time that the Governor and his entourage spent during the thanksgiving service. I asked every security person on duty within the church premises including those who accompanied the Governor. I also inquired from other people who were outside the church who might have seen the reported beating but no one could confirm the incident.
If anything took place at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mercyland Parish where Governor Ortom worshipped today as reported, then such an incident occurred some hours before the Governor arrived, in which case he cannot be blamed. Governor Ortom did not order the beating or harassment of anyone at the church."
2. But Ali Florence Mmemshima, who claims to be a worshipper at the church in question, and an eyewitness to the incident says;
"The incident took place but the governor should not be blamed because he did not order for her beating 1,secondly the governor was not there when she was beaten up and lastly she was beaten up because she lack manners,she should have left but instead was busy insulting and xchanging words with security agents."
3. Ben Achir Gube, one of the cyber hands for the Ortom government contends that;
"This is a big lie, the incidence occurred before the Governor and his entourage got there.
Secondly, the girl in question is said to be mentally unbalance and was admitted at psychiatric unit FMC , at the moment they are looking for her."
4. Philip Mbakuuv Ankyhquwa is said to be one of the inner circle members of the Ortom cyber media squad, and was recently credited with having led the move which got Gurgur Japhet sacked as SSA on Administration. He claimed that;
"The truth can't be more than what a friend has just narrated to me now. This lady cross carpeted from a cult group to 'blacks'. Her former colleagues are on her trail for many days now. She was actually hiding in one of her friend's houses close to the church. Her hunters traced her to the house this morning and on seeing them she except through the backdoor and wanted to run to the church to take refuge but she was unlucky they got her before the church and gave her a 'gorilla beating' before church members and security agents rescued her. Police are currently after the cult boys."

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