Monday, 12 September 2016

Victoria Beckam roasted for using ultra-skinny models for her 2017 spring/summer show

Former Spice Girl and fashion entrepreneur Victoria Beckam come under fire for using emaciated models for her Victoria Beckham’s 2017 spring/summer catwalk show last night.  The models look anorexic and  had their clothes hanging loosely on their tiny frames.  The teenage girls on her catwalk, such as 5ft 11in Dutch-born Jessie Bloemendaal and French model Camille Hurel, had waists of 24in — around the size of an eight-year-old girl’s.

Haunted: Teen model Jessie Bloemendaal is 5ft 11in and has a tiny 24in waist. The heavy make-up gives her a hollow-eyed lookBloomers: Posh’s outfit makes Julia Ratner, 15, look like a ‘half starved space cadet’

Stern: Ondria Hardinz collar bones jut out as she walks down the Beckham show catwalk yesterdaySwagger: The open front reveals Mica Arganaraz’s impossibly small waist

Youthful glow: Jessie Bloemendaal's waist is 24in - the same size as an eight-year-old girlUnforgiving: This gold concoction hangs off Iris Landstra’s tiny frame

Floral: The clothes themselves seem to have been conceived to highlight the thinness of the wearerControversy: Victoria Beckham seems to be thumbing her nose at the critics

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