Thursday, 1 September 2016

'There’s a secret government ruling Nigeria behind the scene' says Fani Kayode

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Read what he wrote below;

"I really do wonder about our leaders sometimes.
Many talk about corruption and spend their time accusing and pointing fingers at others yet these same people have stolen and pillaged more than anyone else, have killed more innocent people and have committed more grievous crimes and genocide against various sections of the Nigerian people bettween 1966 up until today than anyone else.
They are indeed the "hidden hand" in the affairs of the Nigerian state or what some describe as the "secret government".
Just today one of them publicly lamented the fact that history is no longer taught in our schools. He forgot that he was the one that banned the teaching of history when he was Head of State in the mid-1970's.
He did that because he did not want future generations of Nigerians to know what he and the small group of people that put him there did before, during and after the civil war.
Since July 29th 1966 that same group of people have effectively been running the affairs of this country from behind the scenes and they install and remove Presidents and Heads of State at will. They determine virtually everything that happens here and who gets what.

The truth is that they are the problem of Nigeria and none of them can ever be part of the solution.
They, in collusion with their foreign friends and partners which include the governments of the U.K. and the U.S., put Buhari in power and removed Jonathan last year.
Worst of all is the fact that they used the forces and spirit of radical Islam and the hatred of Christianity amongst northern Muslims to do it. That was their final act of wickedness against the Nigerian people and it was one wicked act too many.
By the time this is all over there may not be a Nigeria left for them to rule and laud it all over anymore"- FFK.

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