Saturday, 24 September 2016

Heartbreaking: Toddler tries to revive mother who collapsed after drug overdose (photos+video)

Police in Lawrence, Massachusetts have released heartbreaking footage of a toddler trying to awaken her mother after she passed out from an apparent drug overdose in the toy aisle of a discount store. The shocking video shows the young mother stretched out on the floor as her two year old daughter cries continuously and tries to pull her parent up off the ground.

Shocked bystanders called 911 and recorded the little girl’s desperate pleas. Police say they decided to release the harrowing video as a wake up call to others on the dangers of addiction.

Police said the woman was revived with opiate antidote Narcan and taken to hospital while the child was placed in  "emergency custody" by the Department of Children and Families.

It’s believed the woman overdosed on an oral version of heroin or an opiate-based narcotic like fentanyl based on the drug paraphernalia and residue found in her bag.

The woman from Salem, New Hampshire, whose name has not been released, is expected to be charged with child endangerment by the end of the week, according to Lawrence police.

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