Sunday, 4 September 2016

Ese Ark writes on struggle accepting her new body after birth of Son

Media personality Ese Ark writes on her struggles in accepting her new body and the accompanying changes after she birthed her son. The mother of one talks about her body weight which plummeted and how she has to deal with stretch marks that became her new nightmare. Read her post below;

"As a teenager I loved to wear crop tops and short skirts. My sister once told her friend that whatever I ate I never seemed to add weight and my tummy was glued to my back. I knew nothing about weight struggles but I started saying no matter what I eat my body can't change.

After I had #Boobma my body changed in ways I never expected. Suddenly everything I ate showed up on my body. The thick stretch marks on my tummy and sides made my body difficult to look at. I started hating my body.

Anytime I wanted to have a bath I'd go into the shower with my towel. I didn't want to have a glimpse at my body in the mirror. I thought my body was disgusting. A peak on social media showed me many women who had babies and snapped back to shape. What was wrong with me? Why was my body so different and ugly?

In that time I found @Januaryharshe and other women on IG with the#takebackpostpartum movement. I saw a lot of different bodies and read many stories and I slowly started treating myself better.

My body had carried and birth a human what did I really expect? Plus, I am not my body. Yeah, that one took a while to learn. With all the #bodygoals and slim yogis on my timeline, not to mention what the media portrays as sexy or beautiful body, it's no wonder I called mine ugly.

I stood in front of my bathroom mirror one day and looked at my body. It had expanded. Every inch of it. The belly, back, sides, arms, neck, cheeks, nose, all of it. It was the body I had and it made no sense hating or wishing it away.

I decided to accept it and it was only then any real change started. I cannot say I did any fantastic workout or that I was eating clean but I didn't hate my body anymore. Some days I'd run and other days I'd go to sleep instead of eating at 12am. One day I was this girl in the picture. I started hearing a different story about my weight and how I looked good but this time it didn't matter. I was okay with how I looked and if that was to change I figure I'd still be okay with it.

The first step in changing the body you have is loving the body you have. If you hate it, you'd only attract more reasons to hate it. Can't see the logic there..."

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