Thursday, 15 September 2016

Bella Hadid takes painful tumble on runway while in six-inch heels

The 19-year-old model was strutting the runway in a six-inch black platform heels when she lost her  balance and landed on all fours on the Michael Kors runway during New York Fashion Week. She laughed off the embarrassment as eyes from the seeming shocked crowd feasted on her.  More photos below

That has to hurt: Bella Hadid took a stumble on the Wednesday at the Michael Kors runway show during New York Fashion week

In shock: The sister of Gigi Hadid seemed to laugh at the mishap, no doubt startled by it all

An awkward moment: Attendees looked horrified by the tumble

 On her way up: The star took her time getting back on two feet

A tradition on the runway: Maybe supermodels have face planted while on the catwalk

That sinking feeling: A look at Hadid just before she slipped on the white runway

Just before she went down: Long strides may have been a factor in the bad fall

Before the fall: The teen was showing off a black sequined dress

Ouch! Bella has since taken to Snapchat to share a picture of the graze on her ankle, posing surrounded by plasters

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