Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Man sees mad man crying on the street and reaches out to him (photos)

The young man pictured above shared his encounter with this man pictured above after he spotted him crying on the street. He wrote;

"•You don't have to wait till you are rich before you put smiles on someone's face.
• Do the little you can, and that a lone can make a great change.
•This is A mad man goes by the name "KWABENA" from the Volta Region and you can find him around the "INDEPENDENCE SQUARE"
•I walked passed him then I realised there was some tears dropping from his eyes, then something threw me closed to him then I started questioning him, and all he could say was his name, hometown and lastly he was hungry and needed food to eat and that was why the tears was dropping.
•I felt sad and wish I had enough to give him, but you can now read the smiles on his face now cos he had the hope of eating his favourite food again which is "BANKU with ADEME Soup".

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