Friday, 12 August 2016

Woman becomes first Sprinter to perform for Saudi Ariabia in hijab in the 100m race at the Olympics

Sprinter Kariman Abuljadayel made history today as she becomes the first Saudi woman to compete in the 100m in a hijab. The 22-year-old who stood out from her competitors in a full-body kit and hijab, she was unable to qualify for the final of the event as she finished seventh in a record of 14.61 seconds.

Abuljadayel, follows in the footsteps of Sarah Attar, the first female track athlete to compete for Saudi Arabia in the Olympics in 2012, and the first to compete in a hijab. She has been receiving praises online for her effort. See more photos below; 

The 22-year-old, who appeared to show off her mid-riff during the race, finished seventh in the race but earned the respect of fans across the globe for her efforts

 Fans took to Twitter during the race, pictured, to praise the athlete for making history for the Middle Eastern country

After the race Abuljadayel, left, kept a smile on her face as she celebrated with other runners including Karitaake Tewaaki, right

Abuljadayel is one of four female athletes to compete for Saudi Arabia in the Rio OlympicsFans took to Twitter to praise her for making history in the race

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