Saturday, 13 August 2016

Hausa actor, Adam Zango explains why he swore on national TV to prove to doubting thomas' that he is not gay

Few days ago, popular Kannywood actor Adam Zango appeared on Desmims TV to deny reports that he is gay. The married actor took to his facebook page to explain why he had to swear with the Koran on national TV. He wrote; “  I know that some of my fans are not happy about what I did with the holy Qur’an swearing, but I had to, because when people are pointing accusing finger at you, calling you all sort of names...why not prove the doubting Thomas wrong ?..Prove ur self. Clear your consciense. That is why i did it. Explanation gap can cause so many misunderstanding. Thereforeif u are one among my fans u will have to endure it because i'll keep on proving myself to the end.  Ilove u all.”

Adam Zango on Desmims TV

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