Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Actor Solomon Akiyesi writes open letter to Pres. Buhari... Pleads with him to allow him become a herdsman

Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi has made an open plea to President Buhari for a job as a Fulani herdsman. In the hilarious letter he posted on his facebook page titled ‘Letter to the President,’ the actor who is in his 40’s outline reasons why he urgently needs the job. Lol, he must be joking. Read his post below;

Your Excellency Sir
I hereby humbly apply for the position of HERDSMAN in Nigeria.
I am a 40something year nollywood actor with vast knowledge in corporate media.
My decision to apply for this job is that even as an actor, I get embarrassed, questioned and delayed for hours by police, Soja and all on my way to and from work especially at night when I'm carrying costumes....my legitimate work material o!
I want to be a herdsman because I know that no matter what I do and whose farm i enter with my cows, I'm covered by the AUTHORITIES...even if I kill the owners of the farm just to ensure my cows eat.
In fact sir I want to be a herdsman because I know I will never be hungry again. If the worse becomes worst I will join my fellow cows to eat grass...after all Na imported grass from Brazil. I think that is better than this my present condition Wey I dey use bitter kola drink akamu.
Sir if given this opportunity to become a herdsman I promise to sharpen my knife well well so I can cut off the throats of those INFIDELS one time walahi.
Sir pls grant me this HERDSMAN request so I can solve my accommodation wahala. After all I can take over any area I want, and multiply with my cows while Nigeria civil defense will watch over and protect me. Pls sir don't ask me how I will multiply with my cows o. Multiplication Na multiplication. Abeg grant me this request so I can mobilize all my cows for you and ur party come 2019. You know as we dey do am naa!!

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