Wednesday, 6 July 2016

See woman’s hilarious response after her boyfriend cancels their late-night rendezvous

An imbur user who stumbled across a hilarious exchange between a woman and her boyfriend after he stood her up for their late-night rendezvous shared it online. The exchange which was captioned 'Please give me an hour's warning, minimum' has been viewed more than 200k times.

It started with the woman asking her boyfriend if if he was still coming over shortly after 11pm, only to be rebuffed with the words: 'I can't. I'm sorry.' She responded with a series of selfies  in her nightdress and wrote ‘she wrote: 'Haha. What. So you're telling me (...) that i shaved (...) exfoliated, and moisturized (...) for. Nothing. See more of the exchange below;  

Some imbur users reactions below;

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