Monday, 4 July 2016

Policeman harasses and batters man because of his rasta hair at Agege Pen Cinema (photo)

One Police Officer, Mr. Yemi Oyebode with Pen Cinema Police station  allegedly harassed and arrested an innocent young man (with Rasta on his head) at Agege Pen Cinema on Saturday, July 2 as pictured above. The man who was said to be with his girlfriend was accosted by the police man whose number ended with something like ....85 asking the guy to identify himself. 

The guy was still trying to talk to them when the Police man (in uniform) started using foul languages calling the man "You are a stupid idiots, I will disgrace you hear now, now, now" and his lady asked "What did my husband do, what did he do?" and before we knew it Mr. Oyebode in Nigerian police uniform grabbed the young man by his cloth and started dragging him away. The lady reacted but Mr. Oyebode, apparently losing his temper pushed the lady away and before we knew what is happening, Oyebode and the other man in mufti dragged the man, slapped him, tore his clothes and pushed him away. It happened at the Ojota garage of PEN CINEMA. A crowd gathered, people yelled but the highly unethical and ruthless police men dragged this young Nigerian (A rasta) into PEN Cinema Police station. 

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