Friday, 29 July 2016

Nigerian graduate hits back with viral response after a lecturer told her there was ‘no space’ for black writers on her theatre course

A 21-year-old Nigerian lady has become an internet sensational after she hit back at her lecturer who told her that there was no space for black theatre makers on the curriculum. Eno, a Bristol university graduate posted her graduation pic with a triumphant message after the said lecturer paid to watch her perform. Eno wrote;

When you're the only black kid on your course and one of the head lecturers tells you there's no space for black theatre makers on the curriculum so you spend three years learning about Chekhov and Carol Ann Duffy but then realise that you can write your own stuff for lil black girls and so you do that, and sell out the Bristol Old Vic and the lecturer that told you there's no space for you, pays to watch you perform 🏿️🎓#bristolgraduate'

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