Saturday, 9 July 2016

Nigerian businessman allegedly absconds with Lady's $20k (photos)

A young lady, Aisha Ella John took to her facebook page to accuse the man pictured above of frauding her friend and disappearing with her $20,000 worth of goods. According to Ella, her friend Zee gave the said Kelvin the money to procure trucks for her instead the acused bought the truck in his name. he was arrested and taken into police custody (pictured above), but he has since been released and has absconded. Read her post below;

So my friend Zee Phisher is a very sweet lady. When I had Sean I complained of sore nipples from breastfeeding, I could not find nipple creams here in Abuja she sent me nipple cream all the way, free oh.
Now she worked hard and raised some money to start a business in Nigeria by buying a truck
She contacts this man Kelvin iyobo Edogiawerie, while his name's on fb are Kelvin Christopher and Kelvin Edogiawerie respectively.
The fraud is given the money for the trucks then goes to put his name on the receipt, as in somebody's sweat oh.
She kept trying to contact him but he switched off his phones, and even moved houses. He has defrauded several other Nigerians living abroad in this same fraudulent scheme.
Poor lady has been chasing this case since January. He was reported to Police and arrested. His uncle is a Police Commissioner,
One of his uncle who is a retired commissioner Sunny Aghedo facilitate the release of the goods and gave it to Kelvin. he was granted bail but now he seems to have disappeared into thin air. His guarantors have failed to produce him. Sigh.

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