Wednesday, 6 July 2016

‘Aunty Bukks, I am sorry I did not visit you in your last days’ – RMD pens heartbreaking tribute to late Bukky Ajayi

Legendary Nollwyood actor, RMD this evening wrote a painful tribute to late Bukky Ajayi who died at the early hours of this morning at her Surulere residence. The actor who ironically is celebrating his 55th birthday apologizes to the octogenarian for not taking out visit her in her last days. Read his tribute below;

Aunty Bukks, I am sorry. Sorry I did NOT visit you in your last days, not because I didn't want to but because I took for granted the gift of life and procrastinated. To think that I spoke to Abounce kunle your son (whom I share the TV series Hush with where he is such a star now as Ruffy Jackson. Taking after you) several days ago to ask for the best time to come see you...if I knew it was time I would have come that very day to see you but who would have thought that the bold, strong Aunty Bukks who has consistently defied every circumstance and risen above every situation will go to sleep so soon.
It is my birthday today and as I sit here writing you, I can only think how ironic it is that you have completed the circle of life.
I am deeply pained by your passing but I am extremely proud that you are a part of my life and I yours.
I love you very much Aunty Bukks and will NEVER trade the memories of you for anything.
Sleep well in Gods bosom.

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