Saturday, 16 July 2016

Actor Yomi Fabiyi laments the death of the movie industry

Nollywood actor/filmmaker has lamented the seeming death of the movie industry. In a post he shared on his IG page this evening, the actor bemoaned the lack of unity in the movie industry and how it is becoming more difficult to pay one’s bill from proceeds from the make believe business or to even take care of one’s family from this chosen career. Read the post below;

How long shall this our job kill our colleagues while we stand aside and look. I don't have problem with known traitors or those who will always see negativity in either the MESSAGE or the MESSENGER, my problem is how are we so comfortable with the pain, shame and penury attached to this present situation that we find it so difficult to unite. Any job you do that won't allow you take care of your parent the way you should has killed you, just waiting for your funeral. We go dirty to survive just to meet up, does it have to be this way. Join the campaign#SAVENIGERIAMOVIEINDUSTRY today except you came purposely to contribute to the ruin of this industry, it doesn't matter if you are looking good. Selah!

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