Friday, 24 June 2016

Theatre roof caves in during live surgery in Ghana, one dies (photos)

The roof of the main surgical ward which contains the obstetrics and gynecology ward at the Effia Nkwanta Hospital, Ghana has caved in during surgery. The surgery which was being undertaken on three pregnant patients had to be halted when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Doctors had to transfer the patients to the Kwesi Mintim Hospital for the process to continue. One of them died and some have attributed her death to the incident. But the Medical Director of hospital,  Dr Kwau Ntodi denied this. He said the lady could have died even if the incident had not occurred because she had a ruptured uterus. Her death, therefore, he said, could not have been as a result of the movement from the hospital to another.

The medical officer who attended to the lady upon arrival at the Kwesi Mintim hospital said that the baby had already died before they arrived at the hospital. The other two patients are in good condition.

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