Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Stepmother who poisoned 1-week-old baby in Minna said she did it because her co-wife was responsible for her miscarriage

Stepmother who gave Sniper (insecticide) to her 1-week-old stepson has explained that she did it because her co-wife who is the first wife was responsible for her miscarriage. According to her some weeks before the the child's birth, his mother and the step mother had a serious misunderstanding which led to a physical combat between them as a result of which the step mother who was then heavily pregnant had a miscarriage. She then plotted to revenge before or after her co-wife gives birth.

After reconciliation with her co-wife, the step mother pretended all is well and was very obedient and loyal to the first wife. When she finally gave birth, she cuddled, played, bathed and treated the young child as if it is hers and that gave her the opportunity to fed the child with sniper.

The stepmother has been apprehended and undergoing interrogation. The baby is still on admission at the IBB hospital Minna.

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