Sunday, 5 June 2016

'Men can’t tell the difference btw having sexs with straight & trans women' – says Nigeria's transgender Ms Sahhara

Beautiful transgender, Miss Sahhara says there’s no way any man can tell the difference between having sex with a straight woman and a trans woman. In a facebook post titled ‘Lets Talk Men, the former beauty queen write on the sordid tales trans women go through from men who claim they are in love with them after they find out they are transgender. Read what she wrote below;  
Lets Talk Men:....... I never date guys without divulging the sordid details of my life history, because I am a strong believer that the man should always know, he is worth more than a million men when he wants me for who I am now and not for my past......But that is just a romantic view, usually I become a fascination and curiosity as soon as I tell them, the so called 'Gentleman' acts turns into sleazy horny man-whores, due to what they watch in 'Shemale Porn'! They start asking me stupid questions about my body parts and sexual acts...... Very rarely, I get treated like a woman who is just out to be friends with a man without any ulterior motives..........So I can see why many women like me will feel reluctant to tell men about their medical history, many cases than one they are treated as sexual fetishes......... I always tell my female born straight friends, if you want to know your date's true colour, tell him you are a transwoman, all that gentleman act will disappear! HAHAHAHA..................
Question: do you know how many men who have had sex with post op trans women and did not know? if you are not told you can't tell the difference! Fact! We are women like any other! ‪#‎stopthediscrimination

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