Monday, 27 June 2016

Man 'finds love' with a sex doll which he takes shopping, goes on romantic dates and even bathes her

A Japanese man has revealed he has finally found happiness with his girlfriend - a silicone love doll. Senji Nakajima, claims he enjoys the 'perfect' relationship with 'Saori' - even taking the dummy out shopping to buy it fancy outfits - despite the fact that he is married to a woman with whom he has two children. Senji, 61, from Nagano, lives with his life size doll in his apartment in Tokyo where he enjoys a physical relationship with it - but he claims he is happy because his plastic companion isn't 'after only money'.

Senji only used the doll for sexual purposes, imaging that it was his first ever girlfriend in fantasy scenarios.  However, after Saori helped to fill Senji's lonely evenings he began to develop stronger feelings towards the dummy a few months in, and started having a 'relationship' with it, saying it is 'more than just a doll'.

Senji says that he discovered that his plastic companion had an actual original personality and the pair formed a bond - enjoying days out together as well as romantic evenings in.

Speaking of his silicone partner, Senji says: 'She never betrays, not after only money. I'm tired of modern rational humans. They are heartless.'
The 61-year-old now treays Saori like a human being, taking her on days out, moving her around by sitting her in a wheelchair. The pair now share a bed and Senji even bathes his beloved doll and chooses outfits for her to wear each morning.

He added: 'For me, she is more than a doll. Not just a silicon rubber. 

'She needs much help, but still is my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life.'


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