Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lady announces that she wants to meet all her ex's and have get together lunch with them... in one room! (photo)

A beautiful Ugandan lady, Alicia Debby Sempaka, this afternoon announced on her facebook page that she wants to have a get together lunch with all her boyfriend. “#‎SpecialAnnouncemet If u know you're my Ex hit at me ASAP I wanna have a get together lunch meeting with all of u guys Don't worry about the venue,going to see if Victoria Hall(Serena) will be enough for you all,if not One Love Beach (Busabala)is more than enough.Awulidde Ategeze omulala‪#‎NB Can't wait to see all of u in the same room.😂😂😂😂💃💃💃💃.” You should see the number of guys claiming to be her ex, lol. 

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