Saturday, 25 June 2016

Kiss Daniel shares adorable childhood photo

Rave of the moment singing sensation, Kiss Daniel shared the above pic of himself as a lil man on IG. He wrote;

“This lil guy made history with 'NEW ERA' album... JUMBO, ALONE, KUDI, DURO, ANOTHER DAY, SIN CITY, KISS ME.... I remember back in the day when we used to stay in a rat infested house in KUTO, ABK 😂 and then 2 mother rats gave birth at once 😕 LORD... In days, The whole house was filled with rats, we had to stand on our dining table one night till dawn 😂 but my dad was the man, he killed some but then joined us soon enough on the dining table to rest his muscles 😂... What a strong dining table 😊
Let today be the day you look back and Say thank you GOD!
Just noticed... Ignore my female shoe
😢 I used my sisters 😂 shoe Na shoe abeg 👌

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