Thursday, 9 June 2016

Aisha Buhari reaches out to ex-military man who made video message to Buhari begging for help (photos)

Few days ago, a retired Nigerian Soldier, Sani Adamu, who served with President Buhari as a driver in Lagos (1963) and during biafra civil war made a video message where he pleaded with the President to come to his help as he could not fend for himself and his family. Ealier today, Aisha Buhari reached out to him by sending some food and other household items to his home in Maiduguri. See more photos below; 

 Transcription of his video message below;

Peace be upon you. My name is Sani Adamu
My greetings to General Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria, a man who shows mercy to the poor and a trustworthy man.
I urge you to please remember us, the ex-servicemen. Please help us, help us with what to eat.
I previously complained but never received any response.
I beg you to help me from your pocket and not from government funds.
I lived with you in Lagos in 1963. We stayed together at the barracks and you were our transport officer.
I was also the driver who served with you in the bush during biafra civil war. I was the driver who pepper got into his eye, and you stopped to ask what had happened to my car.
I am Sani Adamu, soldier, 1963, ex-servicemen. I want you to help me, I have two wives and five children.
I want you to help me with something to eat, my household is ruined.
I am pleading with you to help me from your pocket, not from government funds. Remember me.
My address is Sani Adamu inkia Alhaji Rabiu Dan Alhaji Ibrahim Mai Sugar here in Bulumkutu market, Ngomari ward, Maiduguri, Borno State. That’s my address.
Kindly endeavour to help me. Please i would like security agencies and the press to be present when you help me so that you can be assured that i receive any help you offer. 
Please help, doesn’t matter how little, there is hunger in Maiduguri.

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