Monday, 9 May 2016

Photos of Femi Fani-Kayode at the EFCC office this morning

Former Minister of Aviation and a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Femi Fani – Kayode, arrived the headquarters of the EFCC at about 9: 35am this morning to honour invitation in respect of his involvement in the Dasukigate. Invitation letter sent to Fani –Kayode who also served as the spokesman for the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation in 2015, reads in part: “This commission is investigating a case of criminal conspiracy, fraud and money laundering involving Joint Trust Dimension Ltd. in which you featured prominently. In view of the above, you’re requested to kindly report for an interview with the undersigned.”

Earlier today, FFK made a post on his facebook page informing the public of his plan to visit EFCC office today. Read his post below;

In view of recent events permit me to begin this weeks column with an aside and say a few things about my present predicament.
I shall leave my home and go to the EFCC on the morning of 9th May for questioning about the presidential campaign funds.
I have no fear of this and I look forward to the opportunity of helping the Commission to clarify all the issues that they may wish to raise.
No matter the outcome and no matter what they choose to say or do to me, I count it all as joy.
I believe that it is only the path of the simple and mediocre that is smooth. The path of the great is filled with challenges and difficulty.
I am therefore not moved or perturbed by what is going on around me or the sheer wickedness and injustice that I am being subjected to.
This is moreso because I am a believer in the awesome power of the Living God.
I know that no matter how bad things may appear He never forsakes His own. This is especially so when they have done no wrong.
His word says "despite the darkness of the night, joy comes in the morning". No matter how long it takes that joy will certainly come.
Secondly I am not a thief. I served in the Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation out of loyalty and not for profit.
I worked hard and risked all during that assignment and I believe that we did an effective job.
I have no apology for that and the fact that we lost an election does not mean that we should be dehumanised, humiliated, subjected to the most beastly lies or destroyed.
I stand on the word of God who will eventually vindicate me and I have no fear of the evil that my enemies wish to subject me to.
The truth is that I am not in their hands or their power but in the hands and power of the Living God.
I shall walk the path that He has chosen for me with my head held up high and with faith, strength, honor and dignity knowing that the God that I serve is mighty.
In the end my innocence shall speak for me and I shall come out of the burning furnace finer than purified gold.'

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