Saturday, 28 May 2016

Photos: meet girl with bulging eyes who bullies call 'frog' or 'alien'

 A 7-year-old Indian girl faces cruel taunts of 'frog' and 'alien' from other children because she has a rare condition which causes her eyes to bulge. Shaili Kumari suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Crouzon syndrome - which occurs when bones in the skull fuse prematurely.  Abnormal growth of these bones leads to wide-set, bulging eyes and vision problems caused by shallow eye sockets, and eyes do not point in the same direction. 

The bullying means Shaili does not go to school. Despite this, she has dreams of becoming a doctor one day so she can help other children with her condition.

'I feel bad when I see myself in the mirror and wonder if I’ll ever be like my brother and sister but I keep myself busy singing and dancing so that I do not think about it. I really want to study and become a doctor so that I can help people like me. I know I’m not normal. I want to be treated so that I can start going to school and live my life.  I’m not afraid of doctors, actually I love seeing them because they give me hope of getting better,’ her father Pintu Kumar, 33, who earns £40 a month as a security guard, says
Most children have surgery before they are 18 months old to separate the skull before it fuses together but Shaili has been taken to doctors near her home who have been unable to help.
Her father Pintu Kumar, 33, who earns £40 a month as a security guard, says he feels 'completely helpless' to stop the mean taunts.

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