Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Fraudulent Bureau de Change operators who swindled lady of $6500 eventually caught (photos)

 A lady with IG name Cassandra, whose friend was swindled by some fraudulent bureau de change operators took to her instagram  page to share a video after the fake operators were arrested today. The lady said her friend wanted to change 6500 dollars but was given fake dollar notes. Read her post below;

Be careful people are so cruel πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘
Few weeks ago my friend was swindled of 6500 dollars by these bureau de change people, she was approached and asked if she wanted to change money she said yes and they gave her a very good rate...told her their oga was gonna call her and kept asking her how much the money she wanted to change was...so they came with exactly the same 6500 dollars (fake) and some naira to change...got to a bank and told her they wanted to count and confirm her money, she gave them and they switched it, gave her come excuse about the naira not been complete yet and that they wanted to go get the lots from their own bank before it closes and they would be back....she collected her 6500 dollars naively and was waiting and waiting but they never came back or picked up her call again...it wasn't till we got to another mallams place that we knew we'd been duped
So we gave it like a month and decided to trail them and set them up, as God will have it we caught them today cos we told them we wanted to buy dollars about 5000 and the man and his boys showed up as usual with the original 5k and same fake bundles after having me confirm the money from the bank that it was good money they switched it and wanted to collect my money and give me fake...That's how we got them
Y'all be careful these scammers are everywhere, they are cruel, evil and heartless....May God protect us all from bad people...Amen!!!!

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