Sunday, 1 May 2016

Charly Boy shares epic photos, writes on Religious Kolomentality

He shared the above photos on his Instagram page and wrote;

Before before long long time ago, Africans had their mode of worship till the white man sold to us, religion. I have lived in the white mans country and he is not as gaga about religion like we are. Is it that we now know more than our teachers or masters. How come we are now more religious than the pope. Trust us, our own god is not exactly like the Oyibo God, ours is custom made by us to suit our wimps and caprices.
Christianity in Naija is a different parol I tell you. Especially with all this penticostal Willy willy. Not that I want to caricature our way of worship but it’s a simple fact that it focuses intensely on “God-given prosperity” (ie making money) and spirit possession. Though I am partly a Christian, I am entirely opposed to blind acceptance of faith. I am also against the use of religion to exploit the weak and feeble in society. How you see the matter.

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