Thursday, 21 April 2016

'The National Grazing Reserve Bill: the greatest evil of all' - FFK

Read his thoughts about the proposed National Grazing Bill below;

"When you create a conflict which has its roots in religion, ethnicity, land rights, the attempt to marginalize, dominate, subjugate and conquer others and the quest for liberation and freedom from slavery and bondage all mixed into one you stand the risk of sparking off a conflagration.

Such a conflagration will not only be horrendous and it will not only affect the whole of Africa but it may also last for the next fifty years.
Let me be clear: the greatest evil that we are confronted with in Nigeria today is the National Grazing Reserve Bill. It is more evil than anything that we have ever seen before. It is more insidious and dangerous than anything that we can possibly imagine.

It will do more harm to us than Boko Haram and the Nigerian civil war put together and it will result in open war and the total disintegration of Nigeria.

I am speaking prophetically and I am saying this under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
We must stop this cantankerous and divisive Bill from seeing the light of the day and being made into law. There are some things that are bigger, greater and more important than partisan politics and this is one of them.

We must all stand together regardless of our political affiliation and stop this evil Trojan horse from being smuggled into our ranks by those that seek to subjugate and conquer us. We must resist those that seek to strip us of our self-respect, self-worth, liberty and dignity.

We must stand up against those that seek to destroy us and rob us of our faith and our ancestral lands. We must say ‘’never’’ to those that seek to belittle and enslave us and that are hell bent on reducing us to nothing even within our own shores"-

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