Thursday, 21 April 2016

IK Ogbonna's wife Sonia gives relationship advice...

Model, speaker and wife of Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna, Sophia Morales, took to her Instagram page to give some relationship advise. Read what she wrote below;

Don't pray to find someone who will love and understand you - Pray to learn how to do it yourself-because no other human being can do it better than you. Nobody can come and fight your battles for you and nobody will. That doesn't mean that world is full of evil people- they simply can't wear your shoes,they can only try and imagine how it feels like to walk in them,even if they love you very much-nobody but you can know where exactly pains you and how much.

Yes,stay around people that motivate and inspire you and influence you positively,but don't ever have expectations towards them bigger than expectations you have from yourself.

Understand yourself enough to become your own medicine. Your very own therapist and love yourself enough to dust yourself off every time you fall and move on without sitting down in the mud waiting on someone to come pick you up.
I've learnt: nobody owes you anything.
If you get disappointed ,that can only be YOUR fault,because you attached an expectation to someone or something you can't control.

You are your own hero,and nobody can do that job better than yourself.

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