Sunday, 3 April 2016

Nigerian gay in the US says he longs to return to Nigeria but he’s scared he will be lynched

Self confessed gay and HIV positive brand expert, Kenny Brandmuse, has revealed that he’s homesick and wishes to visit Nigeria but he’s scared of the consequences.  Mr. Brandmuse who is based in New York said he wishes to visit his mother’s graveside but he will rather hearken to her warning that she remain where he knows is safe for him. Read his post on facebook below;
I've been really homesick lately. My desire to kneel beside my mom's grave and lay her some wreath of beautiful flowers. To see my twin sister and pinch her fat cheeks while she criticizes everything I would easily think is good enough. I miss being at Orange and assisting brilliant minds in bringing their ideas to life. Advising tons of amazing people about their personal branding and stories. Paul, our beloved Officer getting me boole, roasted plantain and organically grown peanuts. I miss my nephew and how he goes all out to ensure I was eating well. That Ibadan boy can cook. I miss Chisom Ohuaka my twin brother from another mother - another biggest critic of mine. I miss going to Femi Odugbemi s office during lunch hours to rant about almost anything and how he'd say 'aburo, I have an idea.' I miss my big cousin Olabisi Ariyo. No words to describe. My friends at FCB. These were my support system. People who love me for me. But then, I'm happy where I am in this journey. Even though it can be awfully lonesome here, I'm happy I can walk down the street as a gay man without being afraid of lynching, preaching and outright hating. I'm grateful for the journey here in the States where my health has greatly improved as an HIV positive individual. New York. Maryland. I was given some of the best medical assistance for FREE, at least until I found a job. I'm humbled by the unmatched generosity I have received from people who welcomed me here. Call them what you may, America has been good to me. And to million others who dare to dream. Whenever I'm feeling this extremely homesick like I'm feeling at this moment, I always recall the words of my mother just a few weeks before she passed on: "don't be in a hurry to come home because wherever you are, and you can feel safe, there is your home." She continued, "as a mother, my greatest concern is that you are safe. " ‪#‎Mindfulness ‪#‎WhereIamIsWhereIam

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