Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ms Sahhara talks about her conversation with her family after she decided to become a woman

Nigerian transgender in a BBC documentary talks about her conversations with her family after she decided to become her true self - a woman.  In the documentary titled ‘In my shoes,’ the former beauty queen also opened up about her failed attempt to commit suicide twice and her decision to relocate to London.  Watch the video below. I also transcribed the interview as you'll see below; 
"When I told my mum that I was taking steps to become my true self, she was like why do you want to become a woman, woman are inferior to men. I grew up in a very tiny village, in the middlebelt Nigeria and growing up my uncles tried to correct me; don’t cook in the kitchen, go and play football with the boys. But it was when I moved to the capital city of Nigeria that was when I found out that people are being more negative towards the person I am because culturally they see it as something wrong and immoral. 

I tried and failed to commit suicide twice when I was in Nigeria. The third time was like if I don’t live that’s the end of it. I’m not going to pretend to be a man…I’m a woman. You know what they say about trans people born into wrong body… I never felt that way
People automatically assume I like guys because I’m a transgender woman. Yes, I am a straight transgender woman. Identity comes first and sexuality comes later. I can’t pretend to be something else in order to enjoy the privilege that I don’t really own. When you’re young and you’re growing up, people assume it’s a phase and you’re going to grow out of it. But I’m sure they knew already anyway because the old saying say parents always know. Even my mum has said it that if I go to London I will start putting on bra. So, she did have an idea."

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