Thursday, 7 April 2016

Man who slit 12yr-old boy's throat and drank his blood is executed

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 38, from Donna, Texas, was executed on Wednesday for the 1998 murder of 12-year-old David Cardenas

A man who slit 12-year-old boy's throat and drank his blood has been executed in Texas. Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 38, was executed on Wednesday by pentobarbital injection after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected last-minute appeals by his lawyers, and was pronounced dead at 6.35pm.

Pablo from Donna, was sentenced to death in 1999 for killing David Cardenas in April the previous year while high on a cocktail of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. He admitted to murdering Cardenas on the night of April 18, 1998, when he was aged 20, after attending a party.

Andres Rafael Chapa, 15, Vasquez's cousin, attended the event in the border town of Donna along with Cardenas, who was his friend. After consuming alcohol, snorting cocaine and smoking marijuana, Vasquez left the party with his guests, before claiming he 'blacked out' near a home where Chapa's mother was staying.

Vasquez said he lifted Cardenas up while he was still alive and trying to speak, and as the blood was dripping on his face (pictured) he heard voices inside his head telling him to 'drink'

Vasquez claims a voice, which he believed to be the devil, began telling him to kill Cardenas, so he picked up a length of pipe and hit the boy several times in the back of the head. In a taped confession Vasquez said he ordered Chapa to prepare a grave while he slit Cardenas' throat as the boy was still alive.

When police found Cardenas' body he had been scalped, was missing a foot, an arm, part of the other arm, and skin from his back.

Vasquez told victim's family 'you got your justice right here' before he died.

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