Monday, 4 April 2016

Ese Walter says her father doesn’t mind that she’s renounced her faith

Few months ago, Ese Walter revealed that she’s has renounced her faith as Christian and that she does not believe in any religion. Her revelation was met with mixed reactions with some people calling her unprintable names.  The feminist took to her facebook page to reveal that her father doesn’t mind  that she no longer believe in God. Read her post below;
“It was my birthday on Tuesday and the daddy called to sing me a birthday song in his usual fashion. He started with "happy birthday to youuuuu, happy birthday to youuuuu, happy birthday to youuuuu....
He got to the part he wanted to sing, " all glory to god" and he said, "I read on instablog that you no longer beleive in god so I'd sing...
" All glory to whatever you believe innnnnn, all glory to whatever you beleive innnnn, all glory to whatever you beleive innnnnn....." (He was singing this part fa)
We laughed so hard.
Birthday song ended.
He acknowledged he was aware I no longer beleive.
Life continued.
That is my father. The one who has been responsible for me all my life. He doesn't care about religious bruhaha.
Yet, some are carrying my matter on their heads planning to watch as my life goes under because I am "dining with the devil' or is it end times they call it.
Una go wait taya o.
I have decided to leave your religion alone but you won't leave me and my unbleif alone? Issorai. I got news though.
The book is set to drop next month. All the parts of the story I couldn't put on the blog for shame and fear is on there. *sips redbull*
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